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The Istanbul infinity group was founded in early 2019 in Turkey and aspires to be your comprehensive guide in all the commercial, real estate and medical services you need in Turkey.
We employ our staff expertise and knowledge to provide customers with the services they want, which make their choices and business trend towards the most appropriate and successful.
We aim to expand our business so that we can always be trusted by our customers and cover all areas of service in Turkey, making our work the most complete and transparent.

26 A therapeutic tourism trip
42 A rented car
70 A variety of real estate services
35 Export process from Turkey

Our Services

Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

  • We assist our clients who wish to benefit from the medical and therapeutic development in Turkey by providing specialized consultations in the fields of surgery, beauty, hair and dental implants, in addition to securing hospital and hotel reservations and organizing a recovery journey after treatment.
renting cars

renting cars

  • We meet the needs of our customers Turkey visitors to get a car suitable for their needs and the best prices and the most famous brands, and we deliver the car to the location of the customer's presence and receipt of it also.
Real Estate Services

Real Estate Services

  • Our experience in the real estate market in Turkey provides us with the opportunity to offer our clients a variety of services in the purchase of real estate (residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural).
import and export Services

import and export Services

  • Our team believes in the best Turkish products that customers want to trade in. We also have extensive experience in customs clearance and import and export conditions, making our customers' trade safe and sparkling.


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Advantages of investing in Turkey

Today, Turkey is taking part in all aspects of real estate, commercial and industrial investment in Europe and the world.

Investment Field Diversity:

The development of the real estate market today and its spread over the whole of Turkish territory, as well as the development of industry and the production of goods of high quality is a fertile environment for investors.

Geographical location of Turkey:

The fact that Turkey is located on a point of contact between Asia and Europe and the prosperity of its tourism makes it a magnet for investment projects of all kinds.

Government support:

The Turkish government today supports foreign investment by facilitating legal procedures for the establishment of companies, residence and ownership of real estate

Domestic market breadth:

The high population and continuous increase of infrastructure is an infrastructure in the ability to sell and purchase both in products and real estate.

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